Coaching Services with Tim & Diana

Marriage & Relationship Coaching

Tim and Diana believe your marriage should be more than about surviving, it should be all about thriving. They are compassionate about helping couples establish a strong foundation that can sustain them through the up and downs of the relationship roller coaster. It is through their own trials and tribulations that Tim and Diana have grown and developed a skill set to help others. It is with compassion, care and humor they are able to walk with couples through their struggles. Helping each couple to grow and to see the hope of light in the future. Coaching with Tim and Diana offers:

  • Compassionate Listening
  • Understanding
  • Encouragement
  • Hope
  • Tools to grow a stronger and committed Marriage / Relationship

Life Coaching

Tim and Diana individually coach men and women. Life Coaching is about helping individuals know where you are, strategizing where you want to go, and developing an action plan on how to get there. Life is full of many changes; marriage, new job, loss of job, new baby, empty nest, health issues, loss of parents, etc. We all need a little help as we navigate the journeys in our lives. While coaching with Tim and Diana an individual can expect to get:

  • A Listener
  • An Encourager
  • Someone who cares
  • Help in establishing goals
  • Help in designing action

To find out more, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation call to chat with us. Click Here.  

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